Poet's Ramble

Poetry can be as simple as a four-line revelation hastily scrawled on the back of your phone bill. Poets ask for trouble if they have anything important to say, and the best ones slog through plenty of it. Poems are the instant coffee in your spoon that you chew on without adding water. I am a poet, and this is my story.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Talking Poetry at Trout Lily

Thanks to Kate Hawkes, owner of Trout Lily Cafe, 218 S. Sidth Street in lyrical downtown Springfield, there will be a new poetry discussion gathering called Talking Poetry, moderated by your struly. It takes place Tuesdays from 1:30 to 2:30 and you are invited to attend. We will discuss new poems we've written, catch up on the latest news of who's reading poetry and publishing poetry and look at P O E T R Y matters of interest. All it will cost you is a cup of fine Trout Lily Cafe coffee, tea or other tasty libation and maybe a cookie. . . okay, lunch if you're really hungry. Hungry poets will appreciate the fine fare from the Trout Lilly Cafe kitchen. And if you insist, I'll sell you one of my books of poetry. Until we take this show to Broadway, I'm paying my own way, so would it kill you to buy my poetry? I thinque perhapsly not. Join us for the fun if you can, and if you can't . . . . well that's okay too.